We all need a helping paw now and then.

To describe how The RUFF Writers project can work, we borrow from a favorite book of children, 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.' To explain: If a child hears a book read aloud in school, it will give them something to talk about with a family. If the family talks about a story, they will want to visit a library and read the book together. If the family reads the book together, it will remind them of more stories in their own lives to talk about. . .If a family talks about their stories, they will want to write them down. . .and If they write their stories down, they will hunger to do it again! . . .IF a family visits a personal care home, hospital, or hospice and finds book friends--as well as grand friends or great-grand friends--it can create a climate of comfort and common ideas that will always be a shared connection.

Want help implementing The RUFF Writers materials for libraries, personal care homes and schools? Workshops are available upon request by contacting the author. Contact us at ruffwriterbooks@gmail.com or call 412-849-5574. You Tube videos to be released during the summer of 2015.

To help The RUFF Writers and nonprofit organizations in your community, as well as Heifer International: Please order The RUFF Writers Remembering Seasons K.I.T. All orders help Heifer International. Contact the author at 412-849-5574 for info on placing group orders to help other non-profit organizations.

The RUFF Writers Remembering Seasons K.I.T. is published through JEM Publishing, 302 Fisk Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202-2312. A portion of proceeds are shared with Heifer International, where livestock animals are gifts that are passed on to provide sustainable agriculture that helps end hunger. It is in memory and to honor the pledge of young Galen Cocanour more than 70 years ago. He made one of the first pledges of a heifer for Dan West and his Heifers for Relief Project, for a heifer from Caress, his 1941 Junior Grand Champion heifer at the Ohio State Fair. The following year all of their cattle died because of a contaminated container delivered by a dairy. The RUFF Writers is dedicated to all who persevere through disappointments, difficulties and disasters.