Reading + Reflections + 'Riting = RUFF (Respect Using Facts & Fiction)

The RUFF Writers is a dog-themed community literacy project for small patches of time. Connect by sharing 'BFFs',in this case, Book Friends Forever that will remind people of all ages of their universal stories. Limit technology by visiting this web site for resources to enhance this shared time. A dog is not necessary, but take a 'walk' with a book and The RUFF Writer materials to share with therapy dog programs at libraries and personal care homes. Develop respect through stories we all have in common.

Visit the SCOOP page monthly for resources and 'BFF' activities that are 'remembering' prompts in our 'Stories with Dick & Jane' blog.

Visit the BOOK page for a family scrapbook K.I.T. to create, book themed songs to sing, and writing activity resources to share in your community.

Visit the ABOUT US page for the backstory of The RUFF Writers.

Visit the HELP page for workshops and information about how The RUFF Writers: Remembering Seasons K.I.T. can help others.

Make copies of the free materials and credit this source. Teach children and youth to be respectful of artists' work found on the internet. Share your multi-generational literacy adoptions on www.Facebook/The RUFF Writers